Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Vanity

About a year ago, I scored a whole set of furniture for free! A dresser, a bed frame, and the most exciting piece.. a vanity. Immediately, I got to work on the bed frame for my daughter. Since it was my first time painting furniture, I googled and asked friends for advice. I was told that when you sand furniture you get the best results and painting over the original furniture just wouldn't look right.

I got a sander and went to work. Well, what a pain this was. The bed had poles, which are obviously round and the sander was flat so it just wasn't working out for me. Even regular sand paper took didn't get the job done. This furniture was passed down a few generations and whatever they used back then was extremely thick and sanding it took FOREVER. Not to mention there was so much detailing and nooks that I couldn't get to. I couldn't believe what I got myself into. It took a week total to sand and paint. There was no way I was doing that to the other two pieces of furniture that had just as much detailing and a thick amount of paint to sand through. 

Finally, a year and some change later, I decided to re-do my vanity because I knew how beautiful I could make this piece. I knew there had to be a way around sanding and guess what, I found a way. All I needed was a good primer! I must admit I was afraid even with a primer that it wouldn't stick because of the fact that the original paint was thick and seemed to have a different type of coating on the top.  

painting without sanding

Here's what I used: 

Zinsser Cover Stain Primer
Behr Satin Enamel Paint
Rust-oleum Polyurethane Spray
Foam Brushes (I found that last time the brushes left too many bristle marks)
(These products were used for the vanity, I used different products on the chair)

Be sure to remove all hardware and drawers before getting started.

All products worked out great. I applied light coats starting with the primer. I did about three coats waiting a half hour in between each coat. Then, I did 3 light coats of paint, waiting an hour in between each coat. I then finished off with the Polyurethane spray. 

I'm very happy with the results and I do not regret not sanding! I'll never sand again after my first experience. Anyone can do this. All you need is the right materials and a little bit of patience. I say a little because I don't have much patience and even I can do this! 

The Chair

To get started painting, I unscrewed the cushion off the chair and sprayed a primer on the chair. Yes, I used a spray instead of painting it by hand. Why? Because those little poles you see are a pain! I learned my lesson after doing my daughters bed. Also, you can't see it in the pictures but all of the groves in this set of furniture are a dark grey color which makes it harder to cover! Spraying the primer and the paint made the chair a piece of cake!

Isn't the fabric on the cushion pretty? Sike! The fabric was hideous so I went to Jo-Ann's fabric to get a pretty white and grey damask fabric. To remove the old fabric, I removed the staples with pliers and found the original piece of fabric still on it. I left that piece on and just covered it with my new piece of fabric. I bought a half of a yard. I recommend getting a little bit more than half of a yard just because half of a yard JUST cut it. That's of course you have the same size cushion as mine.

Center your fabric onto the cushion and using a staple gun from the fabric store, start stapling the edges. Tug on the fabric for a tight fit as you go around. If you find any staples hanging out, hammer them down. Wait until the furniture is done drying to put the cushion back on. 

repainting furniture without sanding


Friday, June 20, 2014



1. Brush a thin layer of mod podge onto the jar
2. Pour a good amount of glitter into the jar
3. Turn the jar on its side and keep turning it so that way the glitter covers the whole jar
4. Pour more glitter into the jar if you need to and repeat. Keep in mind that any excess glitter that falls onto the plate can be reused.
5. Let dry for a few hours
6. Reapply mod lodge to seal glitter.
6. Let dry again for several hours

Taaa dahhhh. Beautiful make up brush holders for  brushes that we all spend so much money on.

What brushes do I have?
A majority of my brushes are from BH Cosmetics (CLICK HERE). I also have a few Real Techniques Brushes from Ulta. 

To read my review on Real Techniques' Brushes.. CLICK HERE
To see how I CLEAN my brushes.. CLICK HERE

If you decide to make this, post a picture on Instagram and use #hellocrisst. I'd love to see you how your make up brush holders come out! Don't forget to follow me @hellocrisst!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I've always wondered if there's anyone had the same problems as I do with my hair and scalp. I have a dry scalp that drives my insane. After two days of not washing it, my scalp starts to burn and feels irritated. Also, if I wear black, my whole shirt will have flakes all over it. Then there's the shedding.. Not sure if it's the lack of a thyroid (I was born without one) or the medication I take for it but I shed excessive amounts of hair.. to the point I need drain-o for my bath tub every month and my rugs look like I own a dog. No joke, it's that bad. 

No shampoo I've ever used seemed to help, not even dandruff shampoos. In fact, some actually made my scalp feel worse. I absolutely had to find something to help with the irratation. I explained my problems to Esthetica Salon and Spa and they recommended trying the Nioxin Hair System Kit. It includes a Shampoo, Condtioner, and Scalp Therapy Treatment. 


Nioxin complete hair system provides 5 effects for thicker looking hair:
1.  Reduces hair loss due to breakage
2. Delivers denser-looking hair
3. Amplifies hair texture
4. Strengthens hair against cuticle damage
5. Cleanses excessive sebum from scalp.

Guarantees thicker, denser looking hair in 30 days.

I started using the Nioxin Hair System kit May 1 and it's been over a month since I've started using it and I must say that seen results immeditately or should I say felt results?

NIOXIN Cleanser System - lather in hair for 1 - 2 minutes. Helps to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues from the scalp skin an hair. Cleanses to provide thicker looking hair.

The shampoo makes my hair feel so clean! It does give the hair a very matte, thick feeler after washing but the next step handles that.

NIOXIN Scalp Therapy - work in scalp for 1-3 minutes from root to ends. A lightweight conditioner that conditioner that helps to provide hair resilience and control moisture balance for normal to thin looking hair.

Wow! I love this conditioner. A little bit goes a long way! The shampoo gives the hair a knotty feeling but the conditioner smoothes it all out right away. I love it. You can feel it working while it's sitting in your hair.

NIOXIN Scalp Treatment - spray to roots evenly. Contains antioxidants, botanicals, and peppermint oil that helps to provide a refreshed scalp environment for normal to thin looking hair.

This makes all the difference! As soon as I spray it to my roots, it relieves any burning sensation from my scalp. It's very soothing for me and a life saver.

I love this kit! This has been the only brand to relieve the symptoms as far as my scalp. You guys don't understand how much of a problem my scalp really is for me, but I'm so happy and relieved that I've found something that has worked for me! 

As far as the excessive shedding, I haven't noticed much of a difference. Because the fact that I have medical problems, I'm not quite sure if this will ever go away but I must say my hair does APPEAR to be fuller! In a lot of the Nioxin claims, I noticed that the word "appear" comes up a few times.. but yes, my hair does appear to be thicker! Not quite sure what it is in this product that does the trick but it's amazing! 

Totally worth the money! I would recommend this kit to anyone else who has the same issues as me. I will continue to use this product for as long as it continues to work. I used kit number 1. To find out what kit is best for you, visit the Nioxin website or any local salon that carries Nioxin, can help you find the perfect kit for you. 

Amazon has a great deal this week on Nioxin for 50% off!!! You can't beat that! CLICK HERE to get it!

Kit 1 -> Click Here
Kit 2 -> Click Here
Kit 3 -> Click Here
Kit 4 -> Click Here
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Elle Magazine and WELLA Hair hosted a Salon Soiree at Esthetica Salon and Spa yesterday! If you don't know who WELLA is,  WELLA is a hair product company widely known for their hair color in the cosmetology industry. Models at the event showed off their phenomenal  hair using WELLA color. Guests that came received a complimentary consultation with hair experts in the salon. They also received $20 voucher for a future service and a complimentary gift bag from Elle and WELLA. Through out the night, guests enjoyed Prosecco, delicious hor d'oeuvres and desserts to die for.. all while DJ played today's latest hits! Overall, the event turned out fabulous and I can't wait for the next one!

Outfit details from the event are posted at the end! Check out pictures and vlog from the event..


Hair and Makeup thanks to Ashley at Esthetica!
Follow her on Instagram: @ayescib

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