UNICORN LIPS? Sigma Beauty Stellar Glow Collection Review

Friday, March 17, 2017





Hey what's up everyone, it's Christina. Welcome back to my channel. Today I have for you guys a review. I'm going to be reviewing something new. It's actually from Sigma. These are the new loose powders from Sigma, part of their Stellar Glow collection. 
They have some new loose powders and then also some new glitter. I have a total of five. I have two glitters and two shimmers. I'm going to be showing you guys swatches and then I'm going to be showing you guys how I use them. 
I did use them on my eyes today, so I'm going to be telling you guys how that worked out. Then, I'm going to be putting it on my cheeks. Also, I'm going to be showing you guys how you can actually use these as a lip topper. If you guys are interested in this video, then make sure you keep watching. Also, don't forget to subscribe for more videos. 
I was going to show you guys swatches, but it came out like a total fail just because I'm so white and the glitters are very pale. You can't really see them on my arm, so it's kind of pointless. I have Bewitched and also Etheral. They're both white glitters. To me they're almost the same. I really can't find a difference. One has a little bit more green to it. I would say Bewitched has a little bit more green to it. 
Then we have Felicity, which in the pan it looks purple and it does show up purple and pink. These are all kind of like duo chromes. Next I have Zeal. I'm not sure if you can see that. Which Zeal comes out purple, but it also has this bluish, purplish tint to it. 
Now those are all the loose pigments. What's great about these is that you can actually use them for several different things. You can use them as eyeshadows, a highlighter, and even a topper for your lips. That's what's really good about them.
I did use them as an eyeshadow today and I didn't care for them as an eyeshadow. I tried to use MAC Mixing Medium with it and I don't know if it's that, that just didn't make it work that well. I couldn't see it at first on my lids, so I used the MAC Mixing Medium to make it more pigmented and show up, but it ended up getting really chunky. 
As a highlighter, these actually work out very well, at least the loose powders. I wouldn't use the glitters. I'm going to show you guys real quick. I'm going to use Felicity. I'm just going to dump some in the cap. Then, I'm going to use my Sigma FO3 brush. This is more of a purple, a pinkish purple. They look really, really nice as highlighters. 
Next on the other cheek, I'm going to use Ravishing. Ravishing is the lightest shade and I find it hard to come up. Next up I'm going to take Ravishing and put that on my other side, but that looks really pretty as well. 
Next I'm going to use Zeal as a lip topper. Look how pretty, look how cool that is. I think that's my favorite part about these is the fact that you can use these on top of lipsticks and because they're duo chrome, they look so cool. I love it. You can't find many things out there like this. I love this. I think that looks so pretty together. If you're wondering, the lipstick I'm wearing is the NYX Liquid Suede, color ... I don't know. This is the color Oh Put It On. Yeah, look how cool that is. 
If you guys are interested in getting these, my favorite colors are Felicity and Zeal. I love Zeal. I think it will look really, really pretty as a lip topper on many different lipsticks and Felicity's really pretty as well. 
The glitters, they are very, very pretty, but they would probably work better as eyeshadow. Ravishing, it's really light. I think it will look good in maybe the inner corner. My top two are Felicity and Zeal. If you guys are interested in picking them up, those are the two that I really like. I will leave them in the description bar if you guys are interested in getting them. 
Yeah, that is all for today's video. If you guys like this video, make sure you guys give it a thumbs up. Also, don't forget to subscribe for more videos. 


Saturday, March 11, 2017

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How can you keep your foundation on your nose you may ask.. WATCH HERE! The key to keeping your foundation on your nose is quite easy, all you need is a few products. This tip is helpful if your nose always ends up red at the end of the day because no matter what face primer and what setting powder you use, it doesn’t work!

What does work? A THICK eye shadow base, like MAC Paint Pots and “baking” your nose with a WET beauty blender and a loose setting powder. First, apply a THIN layer of the paint pot on your nose. Next apply foundation and concealer as normal. Lastly, take your WET beauty blender and dip your beauty blender into the loose setting powder and apply heavily all over nose and let sit for 2 minutes. Dust powder away. You’re good to go.. your foundation will now stay on your nose all day long!

MAC Paint Pot  http://amzn.to/2iyEyQq
Beauty Blender http://amzn.to/2dI5pdJ
Loose Setting Powder https://goo.gl/Y7q2Lr

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- Hey, what's up everyone? It's Christina, welcome back to my channel. Today I have a very helpful video. I wish I found this video years ago when I first started watching YouTube videos, and even when I started doing youtube videos. I'm going to be letting you guys know how to prevent your foundation from coming off your nose. I have a super oily nose, and no matter what I use, no matter what primer I use, no matter what I do, my foundation comes off my nose. Especially afterwards, if I go to contour my nose or highlight my nose, something as simple as that, the foundation will come off. And especially, that's like the first area that starts to wear throughout the day, so yeah. I finally found the answer to this problem if you guys are interested then make sure you keep watching and also don't forget to subscribe for more videos. All right, so like I said, no type of face primer at all works on my face. A face primer that is, but an eyeshadow base does work for keeping my foundation on my nose, so the key when it keeps to keeping your foundation on your nose is actually this bad boy right here, this is a MAC Paint Pot, this is Painterly. If you are my skin tone I would recommend either MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot or Painterly. Painterly has more pink undertones, this one has more yellow undertones. So it really just depends, I personally think Soft Ochre is more pigmented than Painterly. But, today I am going to go with Painterly. So all you do is just take a brush, and apply a thin layer on to your nose. I make sure I apply it to the sides of my nose, and the bridge of my nose, just a nice thin layer. I do also make sure I get this area down here, because I get a lot of redness down here. That's it as far as applying the Paint Pot, now I'm just gonna go ahead and apply my foundation. For my foundation I'm actually gonna be using my favorite drugstore foundation, this is the Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation and then I'm just gonna use my ratchet Real Techniques beauty blender that needs to be cleaned, don't mind this 'cause this is the second time I'm doing this video. Now you could stop right there if you wanted to, but I would definitely recommend, especially if you have a oily nose, to use a setting powder. I'm just gonna take my wet sponge and put it in my loose setting powder. And just put that right on my nose. Let it set for a few seconds so that way it really stays, and lasts all day. Now if you're like me and you have a really oily nose, if you just apply foundation to your nose without doing everything that we just did, then applying anything to your nose, like contouring your nose or putting a powder on top the foundation would automatically come off your nose, so like when I just dusted the powder off of my nose, it would automatically come off. Even with setting it. But because I have that MAC Paint Pot underneath, it's not going anywhere. And I can touch my nose like this, and still no redness on my nose whatsoever. And there you go, the key to keeping your foundation on your nose is using an eyeshadow base, something very thick like MAC Paint Pots, and then setting it with a wet beauty blender and a loose powder, and keep it on for a little bit. That is the key when it comes to keeping your foundation on your nose. If you found this tip helpful, make sure you guys hit that subscribe button and also make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up. And yep, I will see you guys in my next video
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