Garnier BB Cream Review

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Light/Medium Skin Renew
Anti - Aging

There's a huge craze over BB Cream (aka Beauty Balm) right now in the beauty industry. I had to try it for myself to see what the hype is all about. Garnier calls this the "Miracle Skin Perfector" and like many products, there's always something so magical about the product or it has a list of things it claims to do. Garnier claims that in ONE application you will get the following results with this BB Cream:

Even skin tone

Does it live up to what it says?

Even Skin Tone - Yes
Hydrates - Yes.. Very
Renews - um renews what exactly?
Protects - Yes.. Contains SPF. (Reapply every 2 hours)
Brightens - Yes.. It gives skin a nice glow.

My opinion..

Very Moisturizing
Natural looking.. as in it doesn't have a foundation look.Your skin still shines through without looking cakey.

Limited Shades - only comes in Light/Medium or Medium/Dark
Light/Medium is TOO dark for people who are light/fair (like meeee)
Red Undertones
Dewy (use powder if you want a Matte look)
Light Coverage (if you're looking for something with more coverage this might not be for you)
Not long lasting

Would you repurchase this product?

No. I really want to like this product because I love that fact that how my skin shows through and it doesn't look like foundation. Unfortunately, this product isn't for my skin. I have very light skin and this is too dark. I don't understand how a brand can combine 2 shades together. I'm light.. not both light/medium. For this to come in only 2 shades is very disappointing. It also has red undertones which isn't appealing seeing as I have yellow undertones. I've actually mixed the BB Cream with my L'oreal True Match foundation to tone down the redness which seems to help. 

Would you try another BB Cream?

I would consider another BB Cream (different brand) just because I love how natural looking and moisturizing it is. I would love to try a Korean BB Cream because they're way different than US BB Creams. Anyway, back to US BB Creams.. next time I might try a higher end department store BB Cream. I feel as though buying a high end product the first time is worth it.. just because after trying so many drugstore products you end up paying just as much as ONE high end product... Anyone else with me on that one? 

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