Second time ordering from Anastasia's website..

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

If you read my previous post about my experience with Anastastia Beverly Hill's website, you would know that I wasn't too happy. Apparently a lot of people aren't because week after week that has been my most viewed post! See, the problem with Anastasia Beverly Hill's website is that they aren't the best when it comes to shipping and customer service.. which makes them a little bit different than most websites in 2014.

You get your email the day that that you order and then you don't get any email updates on your shipping status for days! You finally get your email about your shipping status, only to open it and find out that's not your name OR address! Yes, the first time I ordered from Anastasia's website I was sent the WRONG person's information. I was shocked to see a California address when I live in New Jersey. Eventually, I was sent the right information and it took about two weeks for my highly anticipated Lavish palette to get to my house. By the time it got to my house, I didn't love it so much as I did when I first ordered it. Probably because I waited so long..

I guess 2 weeks isn't so bad when the shipping is free, but when you try to contact customer service about the status on your order and get no response.. it's a little disappointing for such a popular brand. I expect a little more from a brand with such a high reputation, don't we all? She is the eyebrow "gawd" after all. 

My second order with Anastastia Beverly Hill's website..

Ordered: Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Email with Tracking Status: Never got one..
Received: September 2, 2014

I told myself I wasn't going to order from the website again, but I couldn't find the "AMREZY" palette in two Ulta stores or the Ulta website. I had mentioned it to Ulta's twitter and they were nice enough to respond saying that it was a limited edition palette and they wouldn't be getting any more in stock. So, I had no choice but to get it from the Anastasia's website. I really didn't want to order from the site but I wanted the Amrezy palette much more (I love Amra!) I had to tell myself to just expect to wait...  so here I am writing this.

September 2, 2014:
It's been one week since I ordered my palette. I decided to log on to the Anastasia website to see if there would be any updates on my order. It said complete, but had a tracking code that didn't work. I was quite annoyed so I contacted customer service via email like the error code said. I did all my errands for the day and came back home to find my palette in my mail box. 

I was surprised because it has only been a week! Last time I ordered it took about two weeks. Not bad, I'm glad she offers free shipping because I would probably be unhappy if I had to pay for shipping. I really love her products, I just hope her website ordering gets more organized and consistent.

What was you experience with the Anastasia Beverly Hill's website?

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