Friday, July 10, 2015

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So excited to talk about the Olaplex treatment I received, courtesy of Red Door Spa Atlantic City. I didn't know anything about Olaplex until I received the treatment. What I found out about it is that it's actually like insurance for your hair. It makes your hair smooth and shinny. In fact, it reconnects the broken disulfide sulfur bonds in your hair, which are typically broken during thermal and chemical services (coloring and hot irons).

The Process:
The process itself is simple and only two parts. The first treatment is applied to your hair and left in for ten minutes and then rinsed out. Next, the second treatment applied, left in for ten minutes, rinsed, then it's time to shampoo and condition. It's really that simple ;)

The Results:
I would say my hair is a little more on the dry side because of all the heat I apply to it, but after this treatment.. I couldn't believe how smooth and silky my hair was. The best part is how healthy it actually looks. I don't think there's ever been a time my hair has looked THIS healthy. I'm very pleased with my hair and very excited to have been able to try this treatment. I recommend Olaplex to anyone that wants to add life back to their hair, you'll be just as pleased as I was with the results.  

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