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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Did you know that you can clean your sterling silver with ketchup. All you have to do is put ketchup and your sterling silver jewelry in a bowl, leave it for about 5-10 minutes, to remove the ketchup just rinse off with water and a toothbrush. The acid in the ketchup helps restore your sterling silver back to new =)

For cleaning gold jewelry, you actually don’t need any harsh jewelry cleaner. All you need is a mild dish soap and water. Use a toothbrush to get in any grooves or channels. Also, did you know soap and water is the best way to clean your gold plated jewelry as well?

This next hack is for those who have sensitive ears and find your ears really sore after wearing costume jewelry. All you need is vaseline to create a barrier between the metal and your ears.

Most people already know about this hack, but if you don’t and you end up losing an earring back, all you need is an eraser for a temporary fix.

This next hack is great for traveling with your jewelry! Using a pill case is a clever way to store your earrings and rings while you’re on vacation, preventing you from losing anything and helping you get organized by using the days of the week on the pill case.

Sterling Silver is known for tarnishing but did you know if you store your sterling silver correctly it will slow down the tarnishing. Store your silver in a zip lock bag and also using a slicica bag will help slow down the tarnishing as well!

If you want a quick fix for oversized rings and need a ring guard, cut a piece of a straw and create a slit, then hook on to the back of your ring.. there ya go. Easy inexpensive ring guard.

Another hack for a ring guard is use a hot glue gun. Put some hot glue onto a surface and dip the back of your ring into the hot glue so it gets on the inside as well. Once it’s cool to touch, shape the glue around the ring and ta da! DIY ring guard. Don’t worry, you can remove the glue easily and it doesn’t ruin your jewelry.

Did you know you can use a paper clip to help hook on your bracelet if you have no one to help you? ... or you can use a paper clip to remove a knot from your necklaces.

If you want to prevent knots if your necklaces, put your necklaces through a straw. This is also great for traveling so that way you don’t have to worry about your necklaces balling up together.

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