Saturday, July 21, 2018

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One inch off my waist in 28 minutes? Yes, it's possible! Let me tell you about my Cryo experience. 
Also check out the YouTube video below to watch how it went!


CryoSkin is the easiest, painless procedure I've ever tried. CryoSkin uses a wand to apply sub-zero temperatures to an area of the body you would like to lose fat and actually DESTROYS the fat cells. There's many parts of the body it can be used.. like to get rid of the fat around your bra area, hips to get rid of love handles (that's what I did), belly, legs, and the list goes on. Any area a person wants to lose fat, this machine has your back (literally)! Double chin? CryoSkin got you. 

CryoSkin gets rid of that fat cells naturally through the body's lymphatic system which essentially means the fat cells are urinated out. No worries though, you most likely won't even notice. 


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The Cryo tech uses a special wand that first applies 4 minutes of heat to the targeted area and then 24 minutes of cold at 17 degrees F. CryoSlimming uses thermoelectric cooling to freeze the fat to destroy the fat tissue. 

 I didn't experience any extreme discomfort. It was cold but not freezing to the point I was shivering and that particular area felt numb but I didn't feel any type of pain in anyway. It was actually relaxing as you can see in the video below.  


Once the procedure was done the tech immediately measured to see my results. We focused on my hips more in my back area. I wanted to do that area because that's where I gained a lot of weight after having my three children. I instantly lost one inch after the 28 minutes of Cryo! The tech at BlinkStudio where I did my Cryo procedure said that she had one client who had 3 inches after the CryoSlimming procedure. Each person will have unique results.


The CryoSkin 2.0 machine also does what's called CryoToning, which helps with the appearance of cellulite and fine lines. It can be used for the face or any part of the body. I decided to do the back of my legs since I do have cellulite. 

The results were actually surprising. I'm not gonna lie.. I'm usually pretty skeptical when it comes to things claiming to reduce cellulite but the pictures don't lie. You can see how the indentations right below the booty are more subtle and the lower half is more smooth in texture after the CryoTonning.

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Overall it was a pleasant experience that I would totally do again. I would like to continue on my hips and eventually move on to my belly since those are my main problem areas. For CryoTonning, I want to try my face since my smile lines are becoming more defined. 

I love how the Cryo procedure was quick and I didn't have to sit there for hours to get the results I was looking for. I was surprised I could immediately feel the difference in my sides and wearing jeans!

Do you have any problem areas you would like to try Cryo on?


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