The Only Content Planner You Need as a Blogger or Social Media Manager

Monday, September 9, 2019

2020 Planner, Social Media Planner, Planner for Social Media Managers, Planner for Bloggers

Being a Blogger and Social Media Manager, it can be a challenge to find a physical planner that helps you plan out your content and also helps you keep track of your monthly and weekly goals. Personally, I like to plan all my content ahead of time because in the beginning of my career, I would spend hours looking through my phone finding photos to post last minute, lost with captions/hashtags, and didn’t really have a theme or strategy. That was all until I found an account on Instagram that led me to The Content Planner. 

The Content Planner has helped me show up on Social Media EVERY SINGLE DAY for my clients and you can too for your business! 

Plan it. Post it. PROFIT!

2020 Planner, Social Media Planner, Planner for Social Media Managers, Planner for Bloggers

Why The Content Planner is Perfect for Your Business:

There is NO other planner on the market. 

The Content Planner is the only physical planning system for your blog and social media content. It includes a reference guide of holiday and retail dates for US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand! Did someone say #nationaldonutday? Also, it contains a fillable 15 month spread so you can begin when YOU want your planner to begin!

Track Your Growth! 

This has to be my favorite part of the planner. I look forward to filling the chart to watch my growth every single month! I can see where I started on each platform, where I ended, and how much I profited. I can set monthly goals, and then write down the smaller weekly goals that help me achieve my bigger goals. At the end of each week, I celebrate the wins by writing them down in the dedicated "My Wins" space!

2020 Planner, Social Media Planner, Planner for Social Media Managers, Planner for Bloggers

Plan Your Hashtags and Collabs! 

The Content Planner gives you a dedicated space to update your hashtags and collabs MONTHLY which is great if you want to constantly be seen by new accounts and grow on social media. Having this space has helped me take the guess work out of social media and to always have a plan, even with hashtags!

2020 Planner, Social Media Planner, Planner for Social Media Managers, Planner for Bloggers

What's new for 2020?

This year The Content Planner is being sold in three different color combos, where as in the past there has only been one color combo for each year. 

This years colors are: 

Emerald Sea Green + Sunshine Yellow
Pacific Blue + Powder Blue
+ NEW Limited Edition Midnight Black (Only 100 are being sold!)

2020 Planner, Social Media Planner, Planner for Social Media Managers, Planner for Bloggers

Also new for 2020, a new stationary line is launching that includes washi tape, highlighters, new stickers, and a ruler!


The Content Planner only sells during certain times of the year. As of March 2020, The Content Planner is still available in Sunshine Yellow, you can get yours HERE.

Check out all the Free Resources The Content Planner has to offer! Just click “Free Resources" tab on the website. 

Which color are you choosing? - I'm loving the Sunshine Yellow!


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