How to Create Your 2020 Vision Board | Quick, Easy, NO Magazines!

Monday, December 30, 2019

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My goal when creating my 2020 vision board was to create a vision board that I actually wanted to look at every day. A vision board that wasn't big and bulky. A vision board that was easy to make with NO magazines or cutting involved.

5 Steps to Create a "Digital" Vision board:

1. Write down all of your goals for 2020.

Write down anything and everything you choose to manifest. You can use paper and pen, notepad on phone. I personally used Evernote.

2. Find Your Photos

Google and Pinterest are your best friend here. Choose photos that represent your goals and dreams. Make your life easy by creating a dedicated folder to save your images to. This way when it comes to uploading your photos there's no searching for a tons of pics in your downloads.


Time to create your vision board! You can use any program you're comfortable using. I use PicMonkey because I find it the most user friendly and easy to use. I uploaded each of my images and moved them around until I liked where there were. It should look like a collage of all your goals!

If you want to have more fun and go the traditional vision board route. Feel free to print the photos out, cut them, use scrap book paper, contact paper and have a ball! There's no right or wrong. A vision board should present you and your 2020 goals.

4. Print

Use a printer with colored ink so you can really see and envision the colors of your photos you choose. For example, I added a photo from Jamaica. Seeing that blue water every day makes me want to be there and help me see myself there.

5. Frame and put on your desk

Make it pretty. Something you want to see everyday. Place it somewhere you'll always see it. Your nightstand, your desk, maybe a wall closest to your bed. Totally optional you can always use a thumb tact and stick there or you can check out Amazon for a frame of your choice.

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What I used to create a 2020 Vision Board: Evernote: PicMonkey: 8x10 Frame: What I’m wearing: Red Lipstick: Red Sweater: Behind the Channel - Christina Sciblo: I’m Christina - a Social Media Manager, YouTuber and Mom of 3. Back in 2018, I quit my full time retail management job to go full time on YouTube and let’s say entrepreneurship has been an interesting yet ROUGH journey. I have turned my YouTube channel into what used to be a beauty channel, to a channel that shares the life of Entrepreneurship.. to show the failures, struggles, and success. Currently, I’m a Social Media Manager for a club in Atlantic City and I’ve created a second channel called “The Piercing Outlet." I'm still hustling to make ends meet and I'm putting all my life lessons here on the table on this channel so please subscribe to join me on journey! *Links contain affiliate links


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