8 Ways the 90's are Making a Comeback

Sunday, January 19, 2014

1. Platforms


The Spice Girl shoes we all loved growing up are coming back!
Photo Credit: http://www.carlibybel.com
Photo Credit: http://www.carlibybel.com
Jeffery Campbell "The Lita Shoe", Karmaloop.com
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2. Daria Glasses

Photo Credit: Instagram @imjennim (vlogger)

Photo Credit: Karmaloop.com

3. High Waisted Pants

Photo Credit: http://www.carlibybel.com
Photo Credit: Nastygal.com
High waisted pants were big in the 90's and now they're back. Love them!!

4. Velvet

Photo Credit: Instagram @amrezy
Photo Credit: Nastygal.com

Velvet is everywhere and there are so many ways to wear it! I've been seeing dresses, skirts, tops, pants all in this velvet material. I love it..  reminds me of those JLO and Rocawear jumpsuits back in the day..something we called it "Velour."


5. Chokers

Photo Credit: savoirflair.com

Vlogger on Youtube, Claire Marshall
Yes, chokers are back but not those silly plastic tattoo chokers we used to love.  Now it's all about being classy with it OR you could also wear a choker for an everyday look like Claire Marshall did in her 2013 Beauty Favorites Video. 

6. Acid Wash

hot miami styles
Photo Credit: katrinalomidze.com (Blogger)
Photo Credit: Daily Look

7. Combat Boots

Photo Credit: Daily Look

I can wear boots like these all day every day.. at least in the winter. Oversized cardigan, cami, highwaisted pants, combat boots.. bam, easy outfit.

8. Plaid Shirts... Around the Waist

Photo Credit: Karmaloop.com
Be prepared to start seeing more plaid shirts around the waist. Do you remember how convenient this was as a kid? Playing on the playground, taking your jacket off when it became too hot and then tying it around your waist so mom didn't yell at you for getting it dirty. LOL

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