Lorac Pro Palette Review

Monday, January 6, 2014

The fact that the Lorac Pro Palette has a row of matte neutral shadows AND a row of neutral shimmer shadows is the reason why I HAD to have this palette. I love neutrals and to have ALL of this colors in one palette is AMAZING. I'm so excited to start playing with this palette.

I couldn't find this palette ANY WHERE, it was out of stock every where I went... except Amazon, they never let me down ;)

Retails for $42 - Can be found at Ulta, Sephora, or Amazon

Lorac Pro


When I first took it out the box, I was quite surprised how thin the palette actually is.. 


Matte (Left)
Shimmer (Right)
As you can see.. I have pale skin and you can barely see some of the matte shadows. You can't even see "Cream" but.. the shimmer shadows are very pigmented. 

When I opened the palette I did notice little specks of eye shadow on the black parts of the palette which makes me believe there might be a lot of fall out. For those who don't know what "fall out" means it's when the shadow falls off the brush and onto your face. This is experienced with lots of loose eyeshadows or cheaply made shadows.

Overall I really like this palette, I'm a little disappointed with how the matte shadows turned out on my skin. Not really sure if it's the color of my skin or the matte shadows just aren't as pigmented as the shimmer shadows. Also, the palette is so thin! For an everyday palette, I can see myself going through the colors pretty quickly. Other then the Cream and Light pink, I love the rest of the colors. They're beautiful neutrals that can be worn everyday and for any occasion! You can turn a daytime look into a night time look easily. This palette makes traveling a breeze because all you need is this palette in your bag. In ONE palette you have all the basic matte and shimmer colors. There's no need to have to search through all your shadows for matte/shimmer shadows because they're all right there in one palette. I can definitely see myself using this more than my Naked 1 palette.

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