Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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A Hot Stone Massage is a massage that uses heated stones to relax the body.  The stones are heated in a water bath with a temperature of 120 degrees. The therapist places the stones on the back first to relax the body and then works through the body with the stones. Hot Stone Massages can range anywhere between 50-90 minutes. 

Benefits of a hot stone massage: 
  • decreases pain 
  • decreases muscle spasms
  • softens the tissues of the body
  • relieves stress

What's the difference between a regular massage and a hot stone massage? Instead of the therapist using their hands as with a regular massage, heated stones are used to work the muscles. The combination of the essential oil and hot stones creates a deep state of relaxation. 

My Experience:
I've received massages before but this was my first Hot Stone Massage! I received a 50 minute massage from Kelly at Esthetica and it was very relaxing! It was definitely what I needed because at the time the muscles in my shoulder/back area were feeling tight. I told Kelly where I was having problems and she focused on those specific areas. The stones were the perfect temperature, not too hot at all. I recommend anyone who enjoys heat and/or has sore muscles to get a Hot Stone Massage! It's "perfect for those are sensitive to touch but need deep work" as Esthetica's menu says.

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