DIY LIGHT WALL! How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Larger with Lights!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Because my headboard is very tall, it started to make my room feel very small and I needed a new way to make my bedroom feel larger. I've also always wanted to put fairy lights in my bedroom so that gave me the idea to use the fairy lights to elongate my headboard and make the room feel larger and not so cramped.

When you watch the video, you'll see that originally I had my curtain rod right above the window which again just made the room feel very small. I decided to raise the rod to about an inch away from the ceiling, which instantly made the room feel larger. 

I really scored big with these lights I found on Amazon. (You know it's a hit or a miss on there.) They're good to go as soon as you take them out the box! All you do is attached to the command hooks to the wall and you're good to go. Think of them like the icicle lights but for your bedroom and longer! You don't have to loop them up and down if you don't want to (I did so there wasn't wasted lights hiding behind my headboard).

This DIY was super quick and easy and I love how it looks at night. They act like a nightlight in a way. I can still see what I need without turning on the light and waking up my one year old who still sleeps in our room. Watch the video above to see how it's done!

Here's what I used: 
Clear Small Command Hooks:
String Lights for your Bedroom:
Curtain Rod (measure first):
Power drill (you’ll need one of these unless you wanna do it by hand like I did):

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