Nose Ring 101 - How To Find the Perfect Nose Ring

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Before you go shopping for a new nose ring, let me give you the break down of the many different styles because chances are the shop stylist is going to ask you which kind of nose ring you prefer and your just going to standing there like uhhhh...

Just keep in mind, each style is different and what might work for some might not work for others. It's all trial and error.

Corkscrews - Most common nose ring to be pierced with. Pros: Doesn’t come out easily. Cons: Hangs out of nose. Difficult to put in.

Bone - Straight nose ring with a tiny ball at the end. (My Personal Favorite) Pros: Doesn’t come out easily. Great if you don’t plan on changing. Cons: Can be painful putting in at first. If you were pierced with a thicker gauge it may fall out easily

Bend to Fit Nose Rings - Straight nose ring that you can bend to fit your exact nose. Pros: Flexible, Customize to your nose, great for those with a thicker nose. Cons: I have yet to find any..

L shape - Nose ring that has a slight bend in it. Pros: Easily take in and out Cons: Comes out easier

Hoops - Circle nose ring Pros: Gives nose piercing room to breath Cons: Hoops are curved. Can be difficult to put in for a newbie.

Have a bump on your nose? Try H2Ocean:

Please be advised that I’m a Team Member of Signet Jewelers and my views do not represent Signet.

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