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how to achieve the best air brush tan, spray tan, organic tan, dha tanWant a nice healthy tan without the harmful effects from the sun? Scared that self tanner that will look uneven and orange? If that's the case, you should try getting a professional air brushed tan. I'm not talking about the machines in some salons that you walk-in to that sprays you from head to foot. I'm talking about actually having a PROFESSIONAL that uses an air brush machine to give you a natural, even looking tan! I recently received a professional air brushed tan and have some tips and tricks for you to achieve the BEST results. 

Prepping at home:
Freshly shaved legs are better than stubbles! For maximum results, I recommend shaving the day of your appointment for the smoothest legs possible! If you want to know a little secret of mine, use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. Hair conditioner moisturizes your legs, leaving them noticeably soft afterwards. I NEVER get razor burn with conditioner. After trying this trick, you'll never buy shaving cream again! (pshh.. I haven't bought shaving cream in years.) Don't forget to shave under arms and bikini area. 

shaving tips
Remove all the dead, dry skin from your body. This can be done by using a loofa and a good sugar scrub. You can find loofa's at target or local dollar store. As far as sugar scrubs, you can make you own (I made a DIY lip scrub found here, which can also be used for your body), or you can buy your own sugar scrub. I use a sugar scrub found at Esthetica, which leaves my skin feeling silky smooth afterwards. They key is use some type of abrasive to scrub off dry skin, especially on elbow's, knee's, and the bottom of your feet. 

Moisturizing helps achieve an even tan. We don't want a blotchy - uneven spray tan do we? Generously, apply a good moisturizer to your whole body, ensuring to get every part. My favorite is Jergens Shea Butter.

tanning tips

TIP: Before you get to the salon for your spray tan, I recommend getting any waxing you need done first. For example, you don't want to get your eyebrows waxed AFTER or else you'll have white marks from where the wax removed the color. Same goes for your bikini area!


Deciding to wear a bathing suit or getting sprayed naked really depends on your personal preferences. Do you want tan lines or do you feel comfortable going topless. It's completely up to you! No shame ladies, we're all women and just think how many naked people the person air brushing you has seen before you! I personally don't mind either way, but I did wear a black strapless bikini for picture purposes. If you wear a bikini, make sure it's a dark bikini or something you don't mind messing up!

The person spray tanning you will apply a primer and a barrier cream. Ally, from Esthetica, first sprayed my whole body with a primer and then applied a barrier cream to my cuticles on my fingers and toes, and also to the palms of my hands. This step helps prevent dark spots in those areas and helps make your tan look as natural as possible!

Tip: If you're using anything for acne or a retinal cream, it's suggested to stop using this product 1 week before you get your air brush tan. (Only if your choose to get your face air brushed.)

The Air Brush
I'm naturally very pale, so I chose to go with a medium color. Ally applied the product to the front of my body first, working in small sections at a time. Once she was finished with one part of my body, she would dry that area before moving on to the next part. I like the fact that the spray doesn't have a strong scent (thank god it doesn't have that corn chip smell) and doesn't leave you feeling sticky afterwards. The whole process took about 30 minutes. 

Getting professionally air brushed gives you a more even tan and makes it look more natural than a self tanner or a walk-in spray machine would do. Ally ensured every part of my body was sprayed and afterwards rubbed the barrier cream off my cuticles and palms. She even made sure I didn't have any excess product in my knuckles. Talk about paying attention to detail! 

Tip: Come to your appointment with baggy clothes!

tanning tips, million dollar tanThe tan gradually gets darker and by the third day you will see the maximum results. Your spray tan will last anywhere between 1-2 weeks. To achieve a longer tan, it's best to not exfoliate when showering. Also, you can touch up with a self tanner as it fades. I recommend Million Dollar Tan (CLICK HERE), which is fabulous organic self tanner. 

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