Professional - Individual Eyelash Extensions FAQ's

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Before getting eyelash extensions:
If you're thinking about getting professional eyelash extensions, come to your appointment make-up free. Remove as much mascara as possible. Also, eyelash perming and tinting before is not ideal as the glue used for the eyelashes will not stick. 

The Process:
First your bottom eyelashes are taped down so they don't get in the way. It is a little awkward at first but, you get used to it and there's no pain. Then, each faux lash is individually applied on top of a real eyelash. What's great about this technique is the fact that lash growth isn't hindered. A minimum of 60 eyelashes are used on each eye. Mink or synthetic eyelashes are used during this process.

How long do these extensions last?
Extensions will shed with your natural lashes. Natural lashes grow in cycles of 30, 60, or 90 days before they fall out. Depending on your lash growth cycle, is when they'll shed. 

Can you get them filled in?
You can get them filled every 2 weeks after first application for a natural fill in.

Can you still wear mascara?
If you decide to use mascara after seeing how beautiful your eyelashes are, non-waterproof mascara is preferred. Also, a standard eye lash curler is not desirable as it can tug on the lashes and remove them but a heated lash curler (CLICK HERE) can be used.

To take off mascara, use an oil free make-up remover.

How do you take care of eyelash extensions?
The best way to take care of eyelash extensions is to use a clean mascara wand (can be found at your local beauty supply store) and baby shampoo! 

How do these eyelash extensions differ from local nail salons?
Most salons use lash clusters, which actually hinders growth and only last about two weeks.

Example of Cluster Lashes
Photo Credit:
How do they differ from strip lashes bought at the drugstore?
Strip eyelashes are manufactured to fit most eye shapes but if your like me, I have to cut them to fit my eye shape or else they constantly poke the inner corner of my eye. Like eyelash extensions, no damage is done to the real lashes with strip lashes. What makes eyelash extensions more desirable than strip lashes is that eyelash extensions are customized to each clients eye. In my case, the outer corners are sparse and have little gaps. Extentions help fill those areas where my natural eyelashes lack.

How much do they cost?
Because of the skill and time it takes to apply each individual eyelash, it typically costs about $200 for this service and takes about 2 hours.

Let's just say I forgot I even had eyelashes on! Also, they are very light weight and unlike strip extensions, they look natural, yet very long. It's 100% worth the money. If you have thin and short eyelashes, I definitely recommend trying individual eyelashes out! Plus, it's one less step you have to worry about in your make-up routine.

Ashe, the Extension Expert at Esthetica, was incredible! She's such a genuinely nice person and is truly amazing at what she does. Book an appointment with her 609.646.1816

Thank you Ashe and Esthetica Salon and Spa! 

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