SkinCeuticals at Esthetica - Glycolic Lactic Peel

Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm so excited to share with you guys that I had my very first skin peel this past week. SkinCeuticals came to Esthetica Salon and Spa to share their incredible products.  All that was needed was an appointment at Esthetica, with a $50 deposit which went towards SkinCeutical products. 



The peel I received was called a Glycolic Lactic Peel. The GL peel itself is actually very quick. There was a little bit of tingling experienced but nothing that can't be handled ladies. It was relaxing and refreshing! Some benefits of the GL peel include: improving the appearance of hyper pigmentation and dullness, reducing fine line and wrinkles, and smoother and softer skin. 

My skin felt so soft and my skin tone was even (no redness!) I noticed that each client that received the peel had an wonderful glow to their skin. 


Afterwards, an account executive for SkinCeuticals, Denise Gannon, helped recommend products for at home use.  SkinCeuticals is a brand that is clinical based and has one mission- provide advanced skin care that is backed by science. They are truly passionate about skin care and make it their first priority. SkinCeuticals is big on protecting the skin (get your sun block girls) and providing the skin with the nutrients it needs, such as Vitamin C. They provide products for treatments that can be done in doctors offices or medical spas. SkinCeutical products are medical-grade and can be combined together to meet specific needs and skin types. SkinCeuticals is highly recommend by doctors and skin professionals and have been mentioned in magazines such as Allure and Vogue. 

I was able to try SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense, which is a non-migrating protective eye base to enhance skin tone. Did you know that the skin around your eye shows the first signs of aging?  The Physical Eye Defense has SPF 50, which helps protect your eyes from the sun. 

Not only does it protect your eyes but  it is also very hydrating. The skin under my eyes is typically very dry. When applying concealer under my eyes, I notice a lot of cracking due to dryness. The Physical Eye UV Defense alleviates the dryness under my eyes while protecting my skin from the sun at the same time. It's a great base/primer for make up application.

Overall, I'm blown away. I can't believe how incredible the quality of these products are. If you have specific concerns and feel as though drug store products aren't for you, definitely try SkinCeuticals. Drug store products are meant for a broader market, where as SkinCeuticals is a medical-grade product meant to meet specific needs.

Remember every skin care regimen needs three significant elements - a product to prevent, a product to protect, and a product to correct! What are you missing?

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