Brandied Pear and Marshmallow Body Melt - Red Door Spa Review #galsquad

Sunday, November 1, 2015

If you're looking to treat yourself to something sweet and relaxing, you'll want to pamper yourself to this treatment! Imagine your whole body being massaged with a gentle scrub that has a Brandied Pear aroma. Once rinsed off, you sink in a deep relaxation while your body is being massaged in a light creamy Marshmallow scented Shea Butter that leaves your skin super smooth! 

I was able to treat myself to this same treatment, courtesy of Red Door Spa Atlantic City, and I'm here to tell you my experience was amazing. The treatment starts with your body being exfoliated with a Brandied Pear scrub, which I must say smells like a delicious cocktail! The sea salt in the scrub helps remove the dead skin cells, while the scrub also contains Vitamin-E rice bran oil that leaves your skin polished to perfection. Once you're whole body has been exfoliated, it's time to rinse off in your own private shower included in your massage room. After you've dried off, your massage therapist returns to the room to deliver an amazing, yet relaxing massage using a rich a creamy Marshmallow Shea Butter.

Red Door Spa always amazing me with their above and beyond service. If you haven't already, treat yourself to this Brandied Pear and Marshmallow Body Melt.. you won't regret it. Find your closest Red Door Spa location HERE.

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