Getting the House Ready For the Holiday's #GalSquad

Sunday, November 29, 2015

YES! My favorite time of the year is here. I absolutely love the holidays and the true joy and happiness it brings. 

In preparation for Thanksgiving and getting my house ready for family to come over, I decided to start decorating to get in the holiday spirit. I know some people think it's too early to decorate for Christmas prior to Thanksgiving, but why not? It brings positive vibes and um, my crazy family needs as much positivity around them as possible LOL. Anyway, I decided to decorate a few places around the house before I go all the way into Christmas mode this week.  

I started with a few simple touches in the bathroom, where.. let's be honest, everyone goes to at point or another while they are at your house. Candles - totally necessary for every bathroom in your house. This one in particular is the Illume Balsm and Cedar Luxury Scented Candle, which a balsamic and woody base, with notes of orange, berries, green leaf, fir needle, cinnamon and pine. I love deep woody scents like this especially during the holidays! Soap - I love this festive soap for decoration in my bathroom. It gives my very simplistic bathroom a little pop of color and it screams Christmas is coming. This soap is part of Primal Elements Holidays Collection in the scent Candy Cane. I've been tempted to just use it instead of using it for decoration. Primal Elements Soaps are handmade and contain vegetable glycerin, which moisturizes the skin and contains pure essential oils for an optimum fragrance. Both the Illume candle and Primal Elements soap can be found at any Red Door Spa Location.  Next we have a white flower arrangement which gives the bathroom a very clean look, which I found at the wonderful TJ MAXX. You can always find hidden gems in that store! For finishing touches, I found a monogram towel from Target that goes with the clean and simplistic look, yet has a bit of gold that goes with the holiday theme. 

Can't wait to finish decorating this week. I'll be sure to share with you all!

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