Monday, April 28, 2014

baby tattoo, tattoo

After my first tattoo, I thought I'd never get another one. It hurt soooo bad! My daughter's father and I both got matching tattoo's of her footprints and name. I thought it was the cutest idea ever! The tattoo artist stenciled her footprints from the original birth certificate (the one given by the hospital) and transferred it onto my neck.

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I wanted my tattoo somewhere that wasn't visible to the eye, so I decided to get it on the back of my neck. The pain was unreal. I felt my whole spin vibrating. For whatever reason when my body is going through a lot of pain/stress.. I start trembling. It happened during labor, when I got my wisdom teeth out, and when I got this tattoo. I told myself I'd NEVER get another tattoo..

That is until baby #2 came. I had my son two years ago and when people see the tattoo on my neck for my daughter they always ask, well what about Jordan? Hmm.. I always used to say no but now that he's almost two, I think it's time for one.

I need some ideas. Help!

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