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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My hair has gone through a drastic change in the past month. I've noticed my A LOT of breakage in my hair. Now for me, it's quite normal for my hair to shed more than the average person. Reason being, I was was born without a thyroid. But! It's one thing for my hair to SHED and it's another for it to just break right in the middle of a strand.

nume curling wand temperature

I've been finding pieces of my hair in my bed and noticed that some of my actual hair is a lot shorter. Why? It's taking me a few weeks to figure out why. It wasn't until I burned the HELL out of my hand with my NUME Curling Wand the other day that it dawned on.. Maybe my curling iron is too hot? My last curling wand went up to 420 degrees and I always used it at the max temperature. Well once I got my NUME Curling and found out it went to 450, I was thrilled. I thought hotter equals longer lasting curls.. faster. Never did I think my hair would break from heat.. Nope, not myyyyy hair. 

So I did some research. How hot should your curling iron be? The standard curling iron (you know the old school ones with the clip) goes up to 300 degrees. Yes, 300. Here I am burring the hell out of my hair with 450 degrees. Why they even let it go up that high is beyond me (I still love you NUME! Check them out HERE). If you have course hair, the highest you should go is 400 degrees. 

hair damage, hair damage from nume curling wand, heating tools, curling irons, curling wands too hot

What am I going to do from here? My hair needs some serious TLC after this. I've already started using a deep conditioner. I use my daughter's Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner (can be used if you have straight hair too! Check out my product review here) I re-uped on a heat protectant. I had stopped using this because my son someone how got my heat protectant open and dumped it all out. I never got a new one.. because I thought my hair will "be okay." Yeah right lol. My absolute favorite heat protectant is TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Protectant. Also, start using prenatal vitamins again! I've used Biotin vitamins before, but honestly never seen a difference. Now prenatal vitamins on the other hand, yes! I have two kids and the only time I had a thick head of hair was when I was pregnant with them, taking prenatal vitamins. You don't need a prescription for these you can buy over the counter or online (buy them in chewables on Amazon HERE). 

Lesson learned! Don't put your curling iron on the max temperature. I'll be using 300-350 degrees for now on!
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