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Saturday, April 5, 2014

More than happy to move into my new place. So happy that I unpacked in about three days and got to decorating as SOON as I could! Above is what I've put together so far. The gold mirror I had from my old place, which is really the only thing I was able to put on the wall that I previously had. The plant and pot is from a recent trip to Ikea (The trip was a complete fail by the way -_-) 

Anyway, I love my new fireplace. The best part about it is the brick. At first I was gonna ask my landlord if I could paint it white but I've learned to love the color of the brick! It makes the place feel so homey (sp). The gold mirror ended up being perfect and the plant is exactly what the fireplace needed. Plus I wanted something so I could try to hide the cable outlet. 

I still want to add more to my fireplace mantel to balance it out. I'm thinking maybe so candle pillars and/or pictures. I plan on adding a chevron wall paper to the wall on the right. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below:)

Here's another view:

Mirror: Burlington Coat Factory
5 candles under mirror: Pier 1
Palm: Ikea 

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